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A little over six months ago the world waited in anticipation for what many believe would be the hammer that started the war between the DC and Marvel cinematic universes. Some may think that Batman V Superman is the anticipation juggernaut, but according to Youtube, it is in fact Suicide Squad who holds the more views, which means the world is waiting to see what the baddies can do. And who could blame them. DC is doing something right off the bat that Marvel hasn’t even been trying to scratch the surface of yet–making the villains last. Since Iron Man hit theaters in 2008, we’ve had a line-em-up of super villains that DO. NOT. LAST. And why is that? With the exception of Loki and Thanos, we’ve had zero repeat offenders in the Marvel films. On DC’s side we have only one film, really, with several more in production, a few being released this year. It’s hard to earn money off the Marvel villains because we really don’t know them. Ask any person you find on the street “Do you know who Thanos is?” Then ask “Who is the Joker?”

I think you know what answers you’ll get from John Doe.

Now what we’re curious about isn’t the villain status at Marvel, but the decisions being made by DC/Warner Bros. Check out the trailer below. It’s the first look we had at Suicide Squad, the hammer of anticipation.

Notice anything? It’s ethereal, dark, gritty, almost exploitative of its characters. We see connections to the universe its set in, but it’s a contained narrative following the actions of psychopaths being driven by someone even more dangerous. The DC look, thus far, has contained similarly subdued color tones, tonal music, and a palpable tinge foreboding.

Now, look at the trailer below. It’s the newly released official trailer for Suicide Squad. Take notes.

So that was awesome! But we have just one question–What’s happening with the tone of the film? You see, the new trailer is brighter, faster, funny, colorful (nearly every clip has a pink, blue, yellow, something), and it’s topped off with “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. We’ve just done a complete 180 turn about in less than a 8 months. We’ve gone from grim and grimy, to quirky and snarky. Remind you of anyone?

Obviously, we can all agree that the first trailer is not the definitive tell of what a film will be like come opening night, but I do ask that we all sit down and ponder about Suicide Squad. Are we getting a new film with new characters, completely different view points, and styles–a film that says it’s going to stand out and follows up on its words. Or are we getting a film that’s afraid to do just that, and will instead fall into an unfortunate position of being a copy and paste version of its competitor?

Time will tell.

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