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Earlier today we found out that Indiana Jones is returning to the big screen, yet again, in a still untitled film set to be released in July 2019. We’re incredibly excited, as is the rest of the world, to hear this news and see Spielberg and Ford team up yet again for another installment of our favorite archaeologist’s adventures.

However, this will be the first time in the series history that will not (as of now) see George Lucas in the role of right hand man to Spielberg. So what does this say about the future of the franchise?

If this past year’s Star Wars release, which ended up being one of the highest grossing films of all time, is any indication of Disney’s interesting in Lucasfilm properties, then we can rest assured that the big wigs at the House of Mouse have every intention of making Jones more relevant to a modern audience. With any luck they can erase the bad taste of Crystal Skull from the mouths of old and new fans alike.

Lucas having been removed from the equation, although upsetting on nostalgic level, will hopefully bring about a more enjoyable, and less campy, practical effects-driven film that will resonate with the original trilogy. Only time will tell if we’ll get what we’ve hoped for for the last two decades, but we believe Indy is where he belongs–in the hands of people who want to see him back on top.

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