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The long awaited sequel to the classic Disney Pixar film Finding Nemo has finally arrived. On June 17, 2016, Finding Dory was released in theaters. The title “Finding Dory” is slightly misleading, as the plot of the movie pertains to finding Dory’s parents, not so much to finding Dory herself. However, having a misleading title is honestly the only real criticism one can make for this movie. Many sequels are overdone or just plain unnecessary.  Finding Dory is certainly not one of those bad sequels. The film does a fantastic job of tying up loose ends and answering questions about the lovable character (Dory) that the movie, Finding Nemo, may have left the audience with. Dory suffers from short-term memory loss; this fact is learned in Finding Nemo. But what is Dory’s back story? What was she so desperately looking for that had caused her to bump into Marlin (Nemo’s father) in the first place?

In Finding Dory, Dory has a series of flashbacks that help her remember she has parents, and that she had been searching for them. Dory so desperately wants to find her parents after her memory surge, and of course she can’t do that alone because of her memory loss. In turn, Nemo and Marlin traverse the ocean with Dory in search of Dory’s long lost parents. As Dory remembers more and more about where her parents used to live, the closer she gets to being reunited with her family. There are a couple scenes in this movie that really tug at one’s heart. Finding Dory did an amazing job of getting people to empathize with Dory’s character. The flashbacks Dory had involve her as a child, and this definitely helped others connect with Dory more.

Pixar made baby Dory unbelievably cute. With huge pink bug-eyes, an adorable voice, and an immense level of innocence, Dory as a baby is guaranteed to make an audience say “Awww!” Finding Dory also does a fantastic job of introducing new characters to the story. While many times adding new characters to a film can be very abrupt and confusing, the new additions to the Finding Nemo crew were executed brilliantly. The most notable character additions are an octopus named Hank, and two whales named Destiny and Bailey. Hank, Destiny, and Bailey all play vital parts in the movie. In one way or another, they all help with Dory’s journey and add levels of interest and humor to the story. Minor characters were also added into the movie flawlessly, such as a group of otters that also add to the “cuteness factor” of this film. Overall, I don’t see how one could have much to criticize about this film. Finding Dory did a fantastic job of continuing Dory’s story and peaking the interest of people of all ages. As for me, I was left with a wonderful feeling of nostalgia as I was leaving the theatre.

With the release of Finding Nemo in 2003, many people born in the 90’s, (including myself), were eager for this film to release, as it continues a classic movie from the time of their childhood.  I rarely ever give applause in a theatre, but as the ending credits starting rolling I felt like I absolutely had to applaud the excellent work that is Finding Dory. With the right amount of emotion, humor, and cuteness, this movie is certainly a must see.

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