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I have always found documentaries on climate change fascinating. Be it about Bees or Al Gore on a stage, the facts delivered are always so resounding that it still surprises me when I see a new documentary coming out. Shouldn’t we be looking into ways to prevent this catastrophe? We need alternatives to fossil fuels. Why isn’t anything being done to combat the literal tide engulfing our shores?

Before the Flood is the perfect documentary showing us that the measures and know-how to fix/prevent/reverse our global climate issues are ready and waiting–we just aren’t using them. Fisher Stevens (The Cove) once again takes us on a globe-trotting expedition–this time hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio–detailing the incredibly real effects of climate disruption on the global scale. Without pulling punches, we see lands as far off as India and China dealing with the massive influx of fossil fuel users in their countries, driving the course of our endangerment even closer to the tipping point. DiCaprio does a spectacular job as host–exhibiting real concern for the troubles our planet faces, while still being grounded in a position that makes his knowledge of the subject something which any layman can acquire with some research on the web and an occasional book.

The message the documentary is attempting is one of urgency. Urgency for those who are currently being directly effected by the largest consumers of fossil fuels. Urgency for those who refuse to accept the science behind climate change. Urgency for those who don’t give voice enough to affect change. Please watch the Before the Flood in it’s entirety below.

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