The Producers of The Hunger Games are saying that they will Philip Seymour Hoffman will continue to remain in the last two films in the series, despite his death. Reports are saying that the the production will use CGI to recreate PSH’s likeness to finish off his last scene in the film, a crucial one for his character, and obviously a crucial one for the film itself.

Of course there are the obvious questions, like, is it possible to make PSH look like himself through the use of CGI? With the terrible animation of live action animals such as the tiger from Life of Pi and other like films, not to mention the mask-like quality we tend to see from CGI people in films like Terminator: Salvation, and Tron: Legacy, where the stars of the old series were “recreated” to keep something remotely consistent within the franchises. 

But then there is the eerie quality it will have. We will know it is a fake face. Not matter how good Hollywood thinks it is, there will undoubtedly be a few squeamish film-goers watching a resurrected likeness on the screen who will only think how upsetting it is to be remembered through the use of CGI technology.

PSH obviously had his demons, but is CGI the answer to this unfortunate circumstance? We’ll find out in 2015 if PSH comes back to finish the job, or if his ghost is staring back at us with cold, computer generated eyes.

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