Every guys quirky crush has come out of the closet. Ellen page is officially gay, and honestly everyone should be okay with that. She came out on Friday in L.A. in a conference hall in an emotional and heart wrenching speech.

What does this mean? For us, the viewers of films and commentators of entertainment–it means nothing. Well, it does mean that a crush will officially be unattainable (given that you are of the straight oriented male variety), and for some that is upsetting; but for the movies we see her in it will have little impact because, of course, those are works of fiction, and it is the performance we want to see. And Ellen Page can act with the best of them. But for LGBT Rights and Activists and Supporters, this is pretty big. Ellen Page is a Box Office giant. She stared in Christopher Nolan’s Inception and made huge wave in the work she is most known for in Juno. Her star power is almost unrivaled in Hollywood right now, and for her to be openly gay says a lot about how little we know of celebrities, and even more about how little we may know about our neighbors.

The issue of homosexuality (as non-issue as it should be) stems from the otherness many of us tend to receive it with. We’ve been fed a lie for so many years that the idea of a differing sexuality has become foreign to us; and only now are those barriers of the queer being knocked down. Page’s outing are another knock to that barrier of needless oppression and idiotic ideologies.

Miss Page, we commend you. Our staff of men are saddened. But who cares about them anyway.



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