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While many of you out there are going to Mass today and getting dust smeared on your foreheads, celebrating the first step in your 40 day crash diet of pleasure, called Lent; the rest of us are celebrating the life and times of one Ashley Williams, A.K.A Ash from The Evil Dead series. Why do we celebrate him? Well here’s why.

He’s the savior of the world. With a chainsaw stuck on one hand and his boomstick in the other hand (Not stuck on, but more like firmly gripped), he combats demons to protect the sanctity of our world and the next. Although he doesn’t die for our sins, he does kind of make us chuckle. Which is more than the other guy does (I mean, c’mon, he’s depressing). Ash was tempted by the Necronomicon to be a savvy, cooky, demon dude with mad dance skills and great one-liners. He chose to fight! and then got sent back in time and stuff, but hey, at least he traveled. And the smudge on his forehead was the blood of the undead. Yeah, so, better than ashy stuff. Yeah.

Anywho. Let us celebrate the sacrifices and unsavored temptations of Ash. May he never lose his boomstick, and may his chainsaw always be well-lubed.



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