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GameSpot is reporting that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted is getting a movie deal. The release date comes as something of a surprise, considering that it is taking over The Amazing Spider-man 3‘s slot in June 2016. Speculation concerning the director for the much anticipated project have gone from David O. Russell to Seth Gordon, the latter of which appears to be taking on the video game adaptation. He apparently admires the complexity of the stories from the games, but hopes to bring new adventures to Nathan Drake’s character.

When speculating on the actor to take on the infamous role of Drake himself, fans have come out and said definitively that they want Nathan Fillion in the role. Others have suggested David Boreanaz of Bones and Angel fame for the role, while Mark Wahlberg’s name has been tossed into the hat as well.

Added interest in the project comes from the to be determined release date of Uncharted 4, the teaser trailer of which was revealed at E3 last month. No doubt the increased anticipation in the game could help promote the film, and vise versa.

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