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For some time now we have all feared that Ghibli is shutting down. Earlier today Toshio Suzuki, a Ghibli producer, went on record saying the studio will be dismantled. But, here’s the kicker, he said the studio was “taking a rest”. Of course many on the web have gone into panic mode, suggesting that Studio Ghibli will completely cease production on any new project, features or not. No doubt more than a few fanatics have gone out and bought a few extra copies of Howl’s Moving Castle to hoard and sell for a greater price at a later. Genius!

But what if this “rest”is just a breather for the studio? What if they have to take into account what they have in trademarks, and see what they can do fiscally later? Before the red flags of anime war go up and bloggers go out cry greasy tears, let us not forget that Ghibli is 29 years old. Let us also remember that we have animators such as Goro Miyazaki, sitting and waiting, young and hungry for a different style and type of film from the traditional Ghibli feature. We could very likely see a slew of films down the line, or perhaps another game like Ni No Kuni. The Ghibli brand is so much broader than many of us know. 29 years of assets is a lot to assess.

For those who are concerned, perhaps it would be wise to reign in the fear and start thinking happy thoughts. Cuddle up to you Totoro plushi and throw on Kiki. It’s going to be okay. For those who are going to buy out all the merchandise? Well, we’re waiting for the super ultra awesome blu-ray release of Grave of the Fireflies. Worse comes to worse, we could use a good cry.

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