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We are sad to report on the passing of acclaimed actor Richard Attenborough. The legend died today in a nursing home in London after suffering failing health for the last year.

Attenborough’s works have transcended decades and generations. He was active in acting and directing up until 2007, when he directed his final film, The Closing Ring. His life was full of some of the greatest adventures any of us could imagine, from tacking the desert with Jimmy Stewart, to directing his Academy Award winning film Gandhi, and his most memorable appointment as the kind old man who brought back dinosaurs. The accolades he was awarded throughout his life rival those of any statesmen, past or present. The position of Honorary Life President of the Muscular Dystrophy campaign after 33 years of dedicated service was only the tip of the iceberg off Attenborough’s work as a public servant. He was given the honor of Knight Bachelor in 1976. He was Awarded the Padma Bhushan and the Martin Luther King Jr. Nonviolence Peace Prize. And He was Awarded the Shakespeare Prize by the Alfred Toepfer Foundation in Hamburg.

His work as a civilian was unrivaled, and his work in cinema will be felt for forever. His iconic characters, dynamic films, and enthusiasm for the theater will never be forgotten. Attenborough was a scholar, a father, a husband, an actor, and most of all of commendable human being, the likes of which we rarely witness. He will be missed, but through the cornucopia of cinematic gems he left us, his presence will never wain, and his words will echo for an eternity.

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