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After close to twenty years in developmental limbo, Wonder Woman has finally secured a director.

Michelle MacLaren, best known for her work on Breaking Bad, she is also an allstar television director, with credits ranging from X-Files all the way up to the two top shows on cable, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. This momentous announcement is not only huge for fans of the Amazonian Princess, who have suffered years of farcical attempts to bring the warrior to screen, both big and small, but this occasion marks the first helming of a comic book character by a female director. MacLaren will be the very first woman to direct a big screen adaptation of any character to grace the pages of comics across the world.

Her credentials suggest that she could very well hold up a production of the magnitude WB is looking for. This is not only a huge step toward more female directors taking on large scale projects, but it is also a step toward DC’s own fight against Marvel as top dog in the market of comic book adaptations. With Man of Steel doing so well in the box office, and with the hope that Dawn of Justice will break records, we can only speculate that putting MacLaren in the driver’s seat is not only an attempt to break from the usual cast of directors, but also an attempt to capitalize on someone who has worked in almost every genre of fantasy, with the exception of comic books. From scifi to horror, all the way to high fantasy, it would be difficult to argue the MacLaren is a force of directorial power. Let’s hope she pulls Wonder Woman out of the hell she’s been stuck in. She deserves to show what she’s made of.

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