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Unable to ignore my distinct “immaturity” and excessive interest in cartoon television’s dark side, comes a destined list of my Top 10 Adult Cartoon shows. Suffice it to say, all of these shows have proven their commitment to entertainment and all deserve recognition regardless of their rank. With that being said, let the list.. BEGIN!


beave and but
10.) Beavis and Butthead (8 Seasons)

-A show about two huge heavy-metal fans, who frequently embark on idiotic adventures. Loose with its plot, this show attracts an audience through moronic activities performed by two teenagers. Simply put, this show enters the mind of an average teenage boy and literally paints the bizarre picture.

Aqua team force
9.) Aqua Teen Hunger Force (9 Seasons)

-The adventures of a meatball, milkshake, and a large fry living in New Jersey with their troubled, drunk neighbor reaches out to a specific demographic of people entertained by unique visuals, usually proficient in drug psychology.
8.) Futurama (7 Seasons)

-Fry, the main character, is frozen in 1999 and thawed out New Year’s Eve 2999. While living with a large group of people for scientific purposes, Fry finds himself feeling more attached as they gradually become family to him. Already creating one of television’s most successful shows, The Simpsons, Matt Groening established a loyal fan base from its first episode. Buttered in wit and impulsive behavior, Futurama never ceases to amaze you at least once.


king of the hill
7.) King of the Hill (13 Seasons)

-Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butthead, creates a story about a warm-hearted redneck family adapting to whatever daily event is relevant at the time. A laid-back dad, worried mother, creepy niece, curious son, and group of loyal friends, who would take a bullet for their dear friend Hank Hill, leaves you feeling good after every episode. Satirical in many aspects, this showttempts to exploit the “misconceptions” of rednecks. Either that or it shows the fun side of being a redneck. Either way, it draws a circle of attention, including a 47-year old Muslim Democrat, otherwise known as, my father.
Robot Chicken
6.) Robot Chicken (6 Seasons)
-Creator “Seth Green” brings a 3-D animated show to the screen. Skit after skit, Green shows random scenes of deranged comedy. Appealing to a real specific fan base, Green proves himself a risk taker. You’re either going to love this show or hate it.

5.) American Dad (9 Seasons)
-Seth Macfarlane, creator of Family guy and The Cleveland Show, brings us a Family worth talking about. Stan is a true Conservative working for the CIA. He is married to a promiscuous, air-head mom. Together, they have 2 children: a liberal daughter, blinded by idealism, and a dorky son, who can occasionally sing like Usher. Seemingly above average in its plot, American Dad has exceeded expectations. The secret is hiding in the attic and it goes by the name, Roger. He is an escaped alien. He is the hook; without him, the show would fail. Everyday Roger wears a new disguise and links it with its matching persona. Not to discredit the other characters, as Stan and Steven both display moments of great humor, but Roger puts the show on the map. Occasionally using wit, American Dad‘s comedy comes from doing unexpected, over the top, ruthless things. Oh, and there’s a talking fish too. But they care about him as much as the Griffins care about Meg.



4.) The Boondocks (4 Seasons)

The Boondocks is arguably the best written, most intelligent, satirical cartoon show on television today. A show about two brothers who move away from the city to live with their loving-paranoid grandfather attacks political and media commentary and propaganda. Completely underrated in its reviews, The Boondocks is one of few shows today that actually expresses a message; which is probably why so few people credit it or even watch it.


3.) Family Guy (13 Seasons)

Family Guy launched the successful career Seth Macfarlane has today. This is a show about a dysfunctional Rhode Island family and the many obstacles they run into, but should not run into. Creator Seth Macfarlene brings something new to the table, including more references than an encyclopedia. Family Guy delivers many pop-culture references and random irrelevant cutaways that have nothing to do with the plot. It is because of this tactic Family Guy has such a unique way of developing an adequate storyline. Winner of 5 Primetime Emmys, Family Guy provides comedy through wit, satire, and just plain stupidity.

2.) South Park (20 Seasons)

-Four 4th grade friends, who do things no 4th grader has ever done, leaves you questioning the sanity in our creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Widely known for having controversial episodes, South Park still delivers strong political stances. Having a huge fan base leaves me to believe South Park‘s work will continue throughout the next decade. South Park has also won 4 Primetime Emmys.

1.) The Simpsons (26 Seasons)

-When you’re on the air for 25 seasons and you’ve won 27 Primetime Emmys along with a Golden Globe nomination, created a feature film that receives excellent reviews, including that of Roger Ebert, and received dozens of other awards–it’s a unanimous decision, you’re the best. The Simpsons offers all types of comedy, and even though I am forever loyal to Family Guy, I cannot discredit and ignore the success The Simpsons has had while simultaneously being objective.

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