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So it’s Friday night. You’re broke. You have Netflix, and an extra 20 bucks to spare. You don’t want to go out drinking, since you have to be up to work the opening shift at a job you hate. Sitting on your couch sounds awesome since you’re on an 8 day bender of nothing but work, no relaxing. Stuffing your face sounds equally as good too.

Comfort food. Netflix. Perfect.

What did I do while I sat in the same spot you might be sitting in? I made ribs.

Why BBQ? Well this is Foodflix. And if you’re going to have a night on the couch on Netflix, you better be getting a refresher in House of Cards, since season 3 starts on February 27, 2015. Why ribs? Because the only way to put an angry Frank Underwood at ease is with some good BBQ. Thus, to take the edge off of our long, rough week, it’s best to give yourself a dose of good, ol’fashioned southern loving.

From here on out, try to imagine Kevin Spacey’s silky, southern drawl narrating this article. It’ll make it all the better.


1 Bottle beer (IPA)

1 Slab of ribs (baby back or country style)

1 Cup brown sugar

4 Tbs garlic powder

1 Tbs onion powder

2 Tbs Ground cumin

2 Tbs Coriander

2 Tbs Chili powder

2 Tbs Dry Mustard

3 Tbs smoked paprika

1 Tbs cayenne pepper

1 Tbs red pepper flakes

1 Tbs salt

Marinate ribs in beer and 2 tbs garlic powder overnight in the fridge. I used a Ziplock bag to make sure everything was well coated. When you’re done marinating make sure you dry off the ribs and set them aside.


Making the dry rub isn’t hard. Even Frank Underwood has the time to make this thing. Combine the rest of the ingredients on the list into bowl and mix well. This is the dry rub. Sprinkle this on top of the ribs generously, and then rub it into the meat. The better you rub, the better the meat will taste. You have to let it sit for at least 4 hours, if not overnight to produce the best flavor.


When you’re good and ready with the meat, place it in an oven at 325 F for a bare minimum of 3 hours, or until tender and juicy. You can finish them off with your favorite sauce, or do like I did and just eat it as is. We make a simple Slaw on the side as well, which I’ll leave right here for ya:

1 Red Cabbage

1 Green Cabbage

½ Red onion, sliced fine

½ Cup apple cider vinegar

1 Tbs dry mustard

2 Tbs honey

1 Tsp salt

1 Tsp pepper

Combine all the ingrdients, including the chopped up parts of your cabbages. Mix well in a BIG bowl, and serve on the side with the ribs. It’s a meal fit for a president, especially one hungry for power. So now you can sit back and relax. Enjoy a beer and a few ribs and slaw. It’s going to be a good night with President Underwood.



Thanks for joining us for Foodflix again, folks! If you have any requests for film inspired recipes, just comment below with your suggestions. And remember, keep watching, and keep nomming!

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