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New promotional material appeared on the Jurassic World website today, indicating that the new exhibit for the one of a kind Rex they’ve been cooking up will be readily accepting goats…we mean visitors, in the summer. As we all know, this new dino is something many of us have either been jumping up and down in joy over, or been shaking our heads at. Either way, the promotional material on the website is making even the biggest critics the film’s creative direction sit back and say, “Good show!” Check out what they’ve prepared in their labs now:

jurassic-world-indominus-rex-posterLook at how everyone isn’t getting eaten! It looks magical and special and wondrous and yay! But we all know the silhouetted creature below is going to nom on some rich tourists. And we don’t mean to sound angry or disheartened by the fact that we too could not afford to be eaten, but for the love of all that’s good, have you seen the menu for the kitchen?! The chicken is over $20! But we’d love to try that Chilean Sea Bass…



For what it’s worth, Jurassic World, might have the best exhibit around. And we hope it’s a bloody good time.

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