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It was announced today that Spider-man, that webslinger of New York, is finally going to join the other Avengers over at Disney. The announcement was already a hot rumor following the Sony hack, where documents were leaked showing the negotiations between Sony and Disney concerning Spider-man’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This comes as one of the biggest announcements of the year in film. With the upcoming Avengers films already underway, with many of the project still in the planning stages, we could be seeing Spider-man in the MCU as soon as 2016. Everything from here is simple speculation, as we don’t yet have an actor to place in any cross-overs, but there are rumblings that Spider-man could be included in the hotly anticipated sequel, Captain America: Civil War.

For the comic book fans out there, this comes as a huge revelation and will undoubtedly be received at the box office with enormous returns for both Disney and Sony. Whatever their deal may entail, it seems like we might just be the winners in this exchange.

Now we just need to see if we can talk to Fox about those X-Men…

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